Making Your Mobile Phone A Business Tool |

If you are on a hunt for a mobile phone, it is always good to consider what you are going to use your mobile phone for, and plan what kind of phone you will buy according to your needs. Of course, for the younger generation they would most go for style and other frivolous things like colorful accessories like colored pads, multi colored bodies, and other things that go with their teenage way of life. But if you are on the lookout for use to start a small business venture, functionality will be your preference rather than those units designed for stylish living.

With the enhancement of cell phone connectivity, purchasing a cell phone will no longer require you to be automatically locked in to a particular communication provider because of number portability. This will enable you to choose your own features and kind of service you would want to have for your mobile phone use. The lock-in features have been cause of concern for many mobile phone users because of the fixed kind of usage that it has, by not affording the buyer to choose his or her own options for the kind of providers that they would want to have.

Let us look now at the features that you have to train your sights on in choosing the right cell phone for your business needs. A longer battery life is important to consider. When choosing, look for a mobile phone that uses Lithium-ion or Li-ion battery rather than nickel-metal-hydride or NiMH battery. The main reason for this is that in terms of weight and battery life, Lithium-ion batteries are more superior than the nickel-metal-hydride batteries. It has been verified in laboratory tests that the battery life of a lithium-ion battery will last longer than a NiMH battery by almost 20 to 25 per cent. Aside from

Battery life, the weight of a Lithium-ion battery is comparatively lighter than a NiMH which would give you easy handling of your mobile phone due to its lighter weight. Using a NiMH battery would feel as if your cell phone is made of lead. Talk time with a Lithium-ion battery powered cell phone can give you an airtime of 3.5 hours even up to 5 hours, depending on the cell phone you choose. Usually, mobile phone comes complete with a desk top charger. It would be to your advantage if you can buy a travel charger because it would be handier and much easier to carry with you during your business travel trips.

If your business calls for you to travel overseas, choose a phone most suited to overseas travel which would be of course a tri-band GSM. By the way, if you do not know yet if what GSM stands for, it means Global System for Mobile communications. Purchasing a tri-band GSM phone will let you communicate using your cell phone in Europe, Asia and in the U.S. This tri-band GSM are the mobile phones of international businessmen and executives.

And the last thing that you should consider in buying your phone is computer adaptability You will have no problem in this area since most of the new phones sold in the market today are all computer compatible. Good luck with your new mobile phone, and hope it can help you in your new business venture.

Choosing a Hotel Whilst On Business |

Traveling on business can be a bit of a drain on resources so you might need to choose the correct hotel. The business traveler needs to keep the following in mind if he doesn’t know how to choose a hotel.

A hotel located near an airport is ideal for efficient, business-prone travelers. While not as scenic, it’s easier to meet a business entourage, do some catch-up work in the business center, and fly out in a hurry. These hotels must have some type of internet access to be business-friendly. Wireless hotspots, direct room modem access, or free terminals in the business center are not just amenities anymore; they’re becoming adopted as necessities.

Customer service, rated online or spread through word-of-mouth or in the popular press, is important to business people because speed, efficiency, and that little bit of added comfort can make transactions and deals go smoother and with less stress. Customer care is very important to travelers on a mission because any lapse can compromise big-time deals and necessary meetings. Transportation through free business shuttles, frequent taxis, and elite and private car rides are associated with high-class business hotels.

Some business hotels do more than it takes to satisfy. For example, what happens when your shirt needs ironing and your appliance is broken or your luggage is lost or you need a special tie? At the best business hotels, the staff would bring up an iron, go shopping for new clothes at local shops, and call around to find that tie you need. Hotels compete on this facet of hotel management, and it’s important to make use of it.